Parents & Child Training Program


A short-term training to parents, specially mothers and children with autism; empowering them with knowledge of autism and also skill of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children), VBA (Verbal Behavior Analysis), Floor-time and Sensory Integration Therapy methods to apply on their own child, helping them to be the best teacher of their own child. Parent-Child training program (completed 21 groups) is ongoing training, nearly 3 to 4 training are organized per year, under the guidance of trained mothers from AFA (Action for Autism, New Delhi). The program seeks to maximize the benefits of the time that a parent spends with his/her child, teaching focused one-on-one intervention tailored individually to each child and taking into account the child’s strengths, emerging skills and weaknesses. More importantly the program gives parents the tool to understand their child, the child’s autism. For detail please contact Mrs. Kripa Shrestha the coordinators of Parents training program.

4 thoughts on “Parents & Child Training Program

  1. We love seeing the growth of AutismCare Nepal Society from here in the U.S. I had coffee with my Nepali friend yesterday and we spoke about ACNS and my hope that, one day, our company can support employment for Autistic Nelalis.
    Our Canadian friend, Jim Coffey, visited ACNS in March and spoke about our idea, which is to train Autistic Nepalis to make our products, which are handwoven wool hats, mittens, socks, and scarves.
    Our company is called “Tuck’s Tooques.” The term “tooque” means winter hat, which is our primary product. We started the company to teach my Autistic son, Tuck, business skills and to build a business to provide for his financial future.
    Please learn more at our Facebook page, Tuck’s Tooques. We appreciate a “like” and “share.”
    Please also check Lonnie Dupre’s 2016 Vertical Nepal climbing expedition, which will use our hats on a first-summit attempt in Mansalu In October.
    Please continue your meaningful work! We look forward to meeting you all in 2017, when we hope to visit Nepal. Cheers!

  2. Dear Dennis
    Namaste and Greetings from Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS)!
    Yes I do remember Mr. Jim Coffey I had a meeting with him last time. It was nice meeting him and nice to meet you too. ACNS is looking forward to create the job opportunity and job environment for our person with Autism here in Nepal and we have stared from our centre and heading towards it. we look forward to have cooperation with you and your organization too.

    Definitely, we will go through your link. We would like to welcome you all in Nepal and our organization. Share greetings to Jim Coffey too.See you on 2017.
    Please do share our work too and help us motivate to do more.

  3. Feel so happy and great to see how you are spreading awareness in Nepal. Sharing my experience of need to teach our children the activities of daily living and functional skills to be more independent. This really helps parents also to get some relief and also boosting confidence and self esteem in the child. I am trying that for my child these days. I wish Autism Care Nepal is able to grow and cater to maximum of Autism community in our country. All the very best.

  4. Hearing services for autistic children and their parents activated by Autism Care Nepal Society made me so pleasure. It’s pleasure for all parents whether they have autistic children or not autistic children because it is known fact that autistic is a problem not for family with autistic but for society, and nation also. My heartily support will be with your organization. I have spent my long energetic life with autistic and intellectual disability children. I think to serve children with autistic is to serve of God. They are the image of God. They are innocent and bias-less. More in next.. Lastly My request, may I receive Mrs Kripa Shrestha’s mobile no.

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