Aarambha Pre Primary School

Aarambha pre primary school was upgraded from ACNS day care center which was started from 2nd April 2010 with 8 children enrolled in the first phase now there are 16 children in 3 classrooms. At present, the day care has been registered as Aarambha Pre Primary School from 25/08/2073 from Kathmandu nagarpaalika. Students enrolled are engaged in a series of activities designed to build upon daily living skills, one on one therapy addressing their communication need and helping uplift their cognitive skill, group interactions and activities to enhance their social skill. They will be exposed to Music Therapy sessions, Sensory and Occupational therapy sessions along with Physiotherapy . Every student have their Individual Education Plan (IEP) prepared by Teachers of the school. Special Educators Ms. Sijan Shakya (Educational Coordinator) , Ms. Ruju Pokhrel and Ms. Manju Maharjan assess and provide guidelines for preparing IEP or other activities of school.

The admission form, consent of photography need to be signed by the parents. The school hour starts from 10am to 3:00 pm. There are 3 classes with 5/6 students each. There are 2 teachers and a helper/caretaker in each classroom. The class is named as:

  1. Red Class
  2. Blue Class
  3. Yellow class

Before the students were categories as per their age but now it is based on the functional level. Every student has Individual Education Plan which is revised every 3 months. Every class has different schedule that is structured with group activities as well as individual activities. The group activities involves physical activity, sitting group activity, concept class, art class, pretend play, turn taking activities, academic time, etc. There are also lots of celebration going on within the school .

The celebrations conducted for the students are Dashain, Tihar,  Holi, Christmas and also Birthday Celebration. The students go for swimming every year on the summer.

There is a respite class for half an hour for the parent staffs of the school, which runs till the office hour ends.


The Children with autism (CWA) can have an opportunity to get autism intervention after  4pm and on sundays. It is new facilities to the parent and the CWA which has been recently introduced. The functional assessment of the CWA is required for autism intervention.


The students of Aarambha Pre-Primary school and children of trainees of Parent Child Training Program (PCTP) had participated in Create! Art For Autism program on 10th April, 2018. The program was conducted at the premises of AutismCare Nepal Society.

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On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Month “April”, Arambha Pre-Primary School organised sports day program in Co-ordination with Engage Team on 5th April, 2018 at the premises of Campion Higher Secondary School at Gahana Pokhari, Kathmandu. Mr. Jeewan Ram Shrestha, President, National Olympic Committee of Nepal as a Chief Guest and Dr. Sunita Maleku Amatya, Chairperson, AutismCare Nepal Society were present at sports day.  There were participation of students of  Arambha Pre-Primary School, Friends of Parents of Children with Autism (FPCA) in different games like race, catch and throw ball, basketball drippling etc.

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In collaboration with Engage Team, Basketball coach Mr. Bijay Lama conducted exercises and activities with students with autism of Aarambha Pre Primary School. The School is looking forward to engage students in sports activities in near future.

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Ms. Binita Luintel (Volunteer, Karuna Foundation) provided a bag full of educational and playing materials to the Children with Autism at Aarambha Pre-Primary School, ACNS on behalf of Karuna Foundation and UNICEF on 20th August 2015. They also provided educational support of NRs. 5,075 to Ms. Dixita Sharma, daughter of Late. Mukti Pandit and Mrs. Pramila Neupane


Sanjeev Shrestha and Swachanda Dulal students of AutismCare Nepal Society participated in the sports program organized by Nepal Para Olympic Committee held on 16th July 2015 Master Shrestha won 1st position in athletics and Master Dulal won 2nd position in Boccia competition.