Sensory Integration/Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist used to performs detailed assessment of occupational need and sensory dysfunction of child based on a sensory profile questionnaire which addresses all the sensory systems in depth. A comprehensive evaluation of the child is done using observation and feedback to parents. Mrs. Elina Rijal, parent of child with autism is currently assisting at the OT facility on the guidance of Mrs. Jackie Springtorpe, Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration

Art Therapy

Art therapy specializes in using visual art making and the creative process to help clients bring about therapeutic change. It is typically referred for situations in which words are difficult or for clients who are inept with words (ex:children, persons with a communication disability). Art therapy is generally described as a highly illuminating, enjoyable, and unique experience. The common belief is that art making is beneficial to people (particularly children) with ASD due to their intense sensory needs (especially visual and tactile self-stimulation) and disregulation, often nonverbal nature, and need for more visual, concrete, hands-on therapies. After receiving specialized training in Art Therapy procedures by Volunteer art therapist Carolyn Krueger, the teachers at ACNS provide art therapy to pre primary school children.

Music Therapy

We in co-operation with Music Therapy Trust Nepal have been successful in bringing Music Therapy in Nepal. We have a Music Therapist, Mr. Kedar Gandhari, who has completed Music Therapy diploma course from Music Therapy Trust India, New Delhi. For Music therapy sessions Mr. Kedar and Mr. Amrit Gandharba can be consulted.

One on One Intervention