Education and Social Security Project


Education and Social Security Project  was started in partnership between Swedish Autism & Asperger Association/MyRight (SHIA) and AutismCare Nepal Society. It was entitled “Increased access of Persons with Autism (PWAs) in Education and Social Security in Nepal” and started from 2013 . Partnership was continued for year 2014 with immediate objectives:

  • ACNS equipped with relevant professionals in the area of autism.
  • Special school for PWAs established and functional.
  • Increased awareness and recognition of autism amongst authorities.
  • Vocational training centre established and operational.
  • ACNS organizational capacity strengthened.
  • ACNS partnership cooperation increased.
  • ACNS internal management and leadership capacity improved.
  • ACNS  administrative and financial management capacity improved.

ACNS continued collaboration with SAAA/MyRight to continue the same project entitled,“Increased access to Education and Social Security for the PWAs in Kathmandu”  designed to empower Persons with Autism(PWAs) to protect, promote and utilize their education and social rights so that they can have full and effective participation in the society to ensure the good quality of life with following immediate objectives for year 2015-2017:

  • To enhance capacity of parents/siblings/carers to address needs of PWAs.
  • To increase understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and special needs regarding education and social security among policy makers and other decision makers.
  • To enhance competence of health care professionals to conduct early detection of ASD.
  • Enhanced competence in Autism among educational professionals in order to increase access to education for PWAs in Kathmandu.
  • Strengthened organisational capacity of ACNS.


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