AutismCare Nepal Society

ACNS Sunaulo Bihani

ACNS Sunaulo Bihani” is an Android application developed to assist the children’s learning, and provides it’s users the information about Autism.

The application is embed with voice narration facility with which every selection in the app gets verbally narrated.

The application have different sections:

  1. Communication: Different menus and their submenus inside this section provide options related in communication. For example: in menu – Feelings, Fruits, Drinks, Snacks, Toys, Clothes, Friends; and inside them the options like happy, love, sick, apple, pears, water, coffee, popcorn, icecream, ball, robot, tshirt, sweter, child’s friends, and many more options are available.
  2. Functional Academics: Knowledge about some general concepts to the children. For example: Money, Traffic, Survival, Time.
  3. YouTube Videos: Videos from youtube that give brief information about autism and related events by ACNS.
  4. Music: Different rhyme videos, song videos, cartoon videos, and many other videos that well entertain and teach children with knowledge.
  5. Activities: Different daily life activities and games related information.
  6. Social Story: Information and instructions about social activities like ‘Hand Wash’, ‘Wearing Mask’, ‘Social Distancing’.

The download file for the application can be found in the following link.