Awareness and Inclusion


Autism Care Nepal

DPOD- Autism Denmark (AD) Project

Autism Awareness for Inclusion and Promotion of Rights of Person with Autism in Five Development Regions of Nepal 

Autism Care Nepal Society has started the new project after the successful accomplishment of the project “Mini-Project on Autism Awareness in Nepal in partnership between Autism Denmark and AutismCare Nepal Society” which was launched from October 2013 to June 2015.” PT. Surendra Bajracharya has been appointed as Project coordinator for the successful accomplishment of the project. The new project “Autism Awareness for Inclusion and Promotion of Rights of Person with Autism in Five Development Regions of Nepal” focuses on autism awareness as well as formation of Parents Network Group. The project duration is 2 years starting from July 2015 to June 2017.

Project objectives
Awareness raising and advocacy among parents and immediate caregivers to promote for the inclusion and Rights of PWAs. New PWAs are diagnosed, parents and immediate caregivers are trained and parents group are formed in 5 development regions to advocate for promotion of inclusion in the available services provided by Government for Person with Disabilities (PWDS).

Project Activities

  1. Development of IEC materials and dissemination to parents, immediate caregivers and key service providers (relevant educational institutions, regional hospitals and health centres, Women Development offices and others) and general public and Government authorities.
  2. Update of ACNS Webpage regularly
  3. Revise and broadcast TV/ Radio PSA, TV scroll and Docu-drama in 5 development regions of Nepal through national media annually and local media during outreach programs
  4. 5 Awareness and advocacy programs organized with at least 50 parents and immediate caregivers in 5 development regions of Nepal.
  5. Organize 1 day diagnosis camp in each 5 development regions in partnership with regional hospitals, health institutions and DPOs by June 2017
  6. Organize 2 days orientation and training program to parents, immediate care givers on how to takecare PWAs in home environment and to form parents group and advocate with government authorities in 5 development regions.
  7. 20 lobby and advocacy meetings carried out by parents group in 5 development regions (4 in each regions)