AutismCare Nepal Society

Message From Chairperson

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental disabilities that can cause considerable social, communication and behavioral challenges. They might repeat certain behaviors and might not be comfortable with change occurring in their daily activities. Many people with ASD also have different ways of learning, paying attention, or reacting to things. There is currently no cure for ASD. However, research shows that early intervention treatment services can improve a child’s development. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our new website that we hope you will find not just user-friendly and informative too.

As we start 12th year of AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS) Journey, it is immense pleasure to share and inform our achievements, development in different sector related to our Autism journey. ACNS is not only serving different services for children with Autism but has been the platform for parents to share to feel belonging and the hope for their child’s future. ACNS has been thriving as family centered organization rather than child centered. I myself along with my fellow Board members, staff and the community express our gratitude as we have been steadily moving towards our vision of becoming a leading comprehensive Autism Centre. AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS) heading as National Autism Centre is the knowledge hub for Autism. Our journey has only been possible due to the strong dedication of our staff, excellent professionalism of our Experts, great support from the Board and the deep confidence shown by the stakeholders as well as the community. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you on this success.
ACNS raises awareness in nationwide level through multi media. This has led to significant visibility of Autism across the country so has led to early recognition of Autism at young aged children. Our ongoing Advocacy aims to bring more visibility and understanding for person with Autism and continue to influence policies for our people. Our advocacy has been focused at Local, federal, Central level. Training services for parents, teachers, Human Resource Development is of utmost priority to us and would do continuum effort for the same. This year, our various level workshops through National and International Experts have benefitted more than 300 families. Continuous teaching and learning are part of our development. ACNS has shown its existence at International arena through organizational participation and presentations to showcase our achievements at International conferences.
This year we have been able to pilot “Diploma course on Special Education” specialized on Autism Spectrum disorder. This initiation is dream come true at organizational level and is also asset for many Autism school across the country. We have enrolled five students from different parts of Nepal. We are working towards University accreditation for upcoming course. Thank you, participants, and each one of you who have worked very hard to bring its realization.
ACNS highly believe in empowering parents and care givers of children with Autism for which it runs “Parent and Child Training Program” throughout the year. The trained parents from different Districts have been gathered to form Parents Network Groups (PNG), which has now taken shape of ACNS District chapters in Jhapa and Surkhet Districts. Autonomous bodies are run in Kaski, Rupandehi, Gulmi, Kathmandu. We continue to provide the technical support. We rolled our awareness campaign to province 2 in Janakpur and further set of programs to Kailali. We have also been able to undertake” Home visit program” to families affected by Autism.
It also gives us immense pleasure to share, The Gold standard Diagnostics ADOS (Autism Diagnosis and Observation Scale) has been the first and foremost service started in ACNS in of entire Nepal. Our dedicated team of clinical psychologist, M. Phil in clinical psychology are our Jewel in taking forward the quality diagnostic and assessment service. This has led us to become Referral Centre for Diagnosis from different places of Nepal.
Our Arambha school and vocational department is also fostering at their level best. We continue to develop and provide opportunity for more students in coming years. Thanks to our dedicated team of special educators, teachers and support staff.
We currently have around 1000 plus family in our network. We provide Autism related services of various kinds to more than 100 children every month. Through our early intervention program, we have been able to include students in Mainstream set up as well. The Centre hopes that these achievements can motivate and remind all parents that there is always hope for these children. we are gearing towards providing appropriate programs for teenagers and young adults with autism to learn living skills and employment skill. we are dedicated to expand our vocation facilities and take them to different level. We lobby with companies and organization who are willing to enroll person with Autism for Employment. We hope to blend in with the community and take them to different kind of Job opportunity. We are also thankful to parents at different networks who have taken their Roles in helping out Autism community at their best. We want to continue to further support our chapters from Different Districts who have been dedicated to serve Autism community in their respective Districts.
I take a moment to appreciate what we have all achieved and get inspired to do even better in the coming years, so we can continue honour the trust that we have worked so hard to earn. ACNS has been successful in achieving all only due to the support and trust from parents of Children with Autism. We are thankful to all the well-wishers, families from the country and abroad for believing us and providing us with various needful supports.

Dr. Sunita Maleku Amatya