AutismCare Nepal Society

Message From Chairperson

This year  2022-2023 has been very engaging for AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS) in terms of Awareness, Advocacy, Training, Education and Research.

The year began with kick start of our first ever  Research Grant “NAMASTE” “Neuro-development and Autism in South Asia  Treatment and Evidence”. This global Health Research grant from NIHR  is  Global Health Initiative  in collaboration from  University of Manchester-UK with Sangath-India, Paediatric hospital, Srilanka College of Pediatrician and AutismCare Nepal Society. ACNS is very proud to be part of this 5 years project which is paving path for Early Detection, Early Intervention, Community inclusion  and Research in the field of Autism and Neuro-development disability. NAMASTE  will be an asset for Nepal in terms of  Screening  tools development, Human resource development, commence of Evidence Based Intervention and advocacy promotion  with Research ground.

Awareness activity highlight for this year became “Concert on Autism” #EmbraceAutism. The concert was the vision HE Felicity Volk  Australia’s Ambassador to Nepal, . It is unique of its kind which has added feather  on our ongoing awareness campaign with accelerated cognizance of ASD in the country. Our Advocacy effort continued with continuum of promotion efforts for the Rights to education health and social protection  for Person with Autism.  Our  voice has also been there for legal Rights, support decision making  for our pupil. This year,  we have  also been able to take our championing in different occasions through our self advocates which we feel proud of.

ACNS services have been provided to more than 1000  families.  Diagnosis  378 cases, functional assessment 328 Cases, Intervention 487 cases, parent training 96 cases,  teachers training 50 teachers ,

Diploma in Special Education on ASD course 15 Students. School provided services to 24 students, Aakar vocational provided services to 10 adolescents and adult.

We are connected to our Parent network group across the country. I would like to address them with respect for every initiation they have take to help families affected by Autism. Thank you AutismCare Society Gandaki, Friends of Parents of Children with Autism, AutismCare  Chitwan Society, AutismCare Society Lumbini, AutismCare Nepal Society Karnali, Autism Pathsala Nepal Gulmi, AutismCare Nepal Society Jhapa, Aavani Foundation, AutismCare Nepal Society Dhangadhi.

For the first time, we were able to organize  one day “National conference on Inclusive education” with more than 200 participants including parents, teachers, principals, professionals from different walks of life . The  conference highlighted on the need to Respect and Embrace Diversity in order to create conducive learning environment to learners with different need. We are determined to promote the need of Inclusive education for our marginalized group of children whose basic educational need is out of reach.

We have developed Android Apps to support education for Children with Autism and NDD named “ACNS Sunaulo Bihani” and recently developed new app “Beautiful Minds” with support of World Education.

Our development and growth has been  in our own small ways. We have been extremely fortunate to have friends and organization who have trusted us , been ally in our pathway and  allow  us grow to meet our Vision, Mission and Goal. I take this opportunity to thank Ministry of Woman Children and Senior Citizen of Nepal, Nick Simon’s Foundation, Health Care Nepal, MyRight Autism Sweden,  Abilis Foundation – Finland,  Australian Embassy Nepal, World Education Inc., Nepali Children Trust, Manchester UK. With all your support, we continue to dream big to move ahead confidently. Friends in Nepal and abroad have motivated us to continue to pursue what we have been doing.

I also, would like to thank my Board, Advisors, dedicated Staff members, professionals. Without your support, we won’t be able to reach this far. We continue to work whole heartedly with passion to stand strong for the Rights of people with Autism across the country. We would like to work harder to find possibilities  to create employment opportunities, support living system for Adults with Autism.

Dr. Sunita Maleku Amatya