Parent and Child Training Program

A short-term training to parents, specially mothers and children with autism; empowering them with knowledge of autism and also skill of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children), VBA (Verbal Behavior Analysis), Floor-time and Sensory Integration Therapy methods to apply on their own child, helping them to be the best teacher of their own child. Parent-Child training program (completed 35 groups) is ongoing training, nearly 3 to 4 training are organized per year, under the guidance of trained mothers from AFA (Action for Autism, New Delhi). The program seeks to maximize the benefits of the time that a parent spends with his/her child, teaching focused one-on-one intervention tailored individually to each child and taking into account the child’s strengths, emerging skills and weaknesses. More importantly the program gives parents the tool to understand their child, the child’s autism.


38th Batch


37th Batch

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36th Batch

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35th Batch

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34th Batch

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33rd Batch

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29th Batch


28th Batch


27th Batch

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26th Batch

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25th Batch

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24th Batch

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23 Batch

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