Parent Network Group

AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS)  presently have 7 Parent Network Groups (PNGs) at Five Provinces of Nepal. Namely,

Province No. 1 (Autism Care Nepal Society Jhapa)

Province No. 3 (Friends of Parents of Children with Autism, Kathmandu and Autism Care Chitwan Society)

Province No. 4 (AutismCare Nepal Society Kaski District Chapter, Pokhara)

Province No. 5 (AutismCare Nepal Society Lumbini, Butwal and Autism Pathsala Nepal Gulmi)

Province No. 6 (AutismCare Nepal Society Surkhet)


Parents network

AutismCare Nepal Society Kaski District Chapter

Parents Network Group of Kaski district become a Autism Care Nepal Society Kaski (ACNS Kaski) Chapter on dated
12-09-2073 by officially registered as a branch of ACNS at Central District Office Kaski, Nepal & opened up a contact office at Pokhara, Nepal. ACNS Kaski was formed in 21-01-2073 at Pokhara Metropolitan City-8, Simachaur.

From its establishment period, it also worked on the autism awareness & to ensure the accesses of services that necessary is required by Children with Autism and their parents to make CWAs life beter. ACNS Kaski started the Day Care facility program with 5 CWAs. At present total of 7 (2 girls and 5 boys) Children with Autism are benefited from the servives. With Day Care facility. ACNS Kaski also established miniature vocational units where differnet varietites of candles are produced and stocheing/embroiding are practiced by students.

ACNS Kaski has been participating in various Autism Awareness, Autism orientaion and Advocacy programs in Province no. 4 and nation wise. It also aims to provide as many services as possible in education, intervention/therapies, counselling and increase acceptance by families and community

Organization Goal:
1) To provide help and support to person with autism and their parents and caregivers by providing professional
Organizational Objectives:
1) To work for improvement of person with ASD.
2) To provide Parent-children Training program (PCTP) to children with Autism and their parents or caregivers.
3) To raise awareness about Autism in the community.
Organizational Services and Activities:
1) Day care center (Running)
3) Workshop and Seminar on autism.
4) Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day
Organizational Future Plan:
1) To have our own well equipped autism school along with various needed therapies through professsionals.
Board Members:
1) Mr. Rajendra Man Udas – Chairman
2) Mr. Homnath Sharma – Vice chairman
3) Ms. Gita Giri – Acting Secretary
4) Mr. Mukunda Lamsal – Treasurer
5) Mr. Dev Kumar Shrestha – Member
6) Ms. Sharmila Tiwari – Member

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Friends of Parents of Children with Autism

“Friends of Parents of Children with Autism(FPCA)” is a non profit organization run by the mothers of the Children with Autism. It was founded by Mrs. Elina Bajracharya Tuladhar and a team of enthusiastic parents of children with Autism. FPCA is catering service to 9 children till date. Mrs. Elina Bajracharya whose own daughter is a Child with Autism, took the initiative to establish this learning centre after crossing a tiring phase while seeking proper diagnosis and support for her child, and realizing the dire need of additional number of such support system in Nepal. There is huge gap of services needed by the children with Autism and their parents/families/caretakers in Nepal. This is the reason why, FPCA is envisions extending its services to as many numbers of Children with Autism as possible in future. FPCA is running its day-care and learning centre where 10 CWAs (4 girls and 6 boys) are enrolled with the following goals and objectives and will work on every possibility to expand beyond the services and support, it is providing currently.

Organizational Goal:
1) To make our children independent to live their live in the society
Organizational Objectives:
1) To help the Person with Autism and their families in every way possible.
Organizational Services and Activities
1) Education
2) Life skills
3) Sports/Games
4) Music Therapy
5) Occupational Therapy
6) Speech/Play therapy
7) Craft skills/Painting/Drawing
Organizational Future Plan:
1) To accommodate more children with Autism and to develop the centre as a live in shelter.

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AutismCare Chitwan Society

AutismCare Chitwan Society (ACCS) is a non-profit making organization established by a group of dedicated parents of Children With Autism (CWAs). It was registered at the District Administration Office CHitwan on 27th April, 2018 and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council. ACCS is actively working for awareness, the rights and capacity building of child/person with autism.

Organizational Objectives:
1) To enhance skill development, vocational training and employment for Self dependency of Persons with Autism.
2) To create awareness on Autism.
3) To monitor and advocate for the right of child/person with Autism.
Organizational Services and Activities
1) Day Care for Children with Autism
2) Counselling/Awareness

Organizational Future Plan:

To conduct/organize the following programs and trainings:

1) Interaction Program
2) Parent and Child Training Program
3) Teachers Training
4) Occupational Therapy
5) Vocational Training
6) Human Rights Training
Board Members
Ms. Nirmala Dallakoti – Chairperson
Ms. Sunita Ranabhat – Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Sunil Chandra sharma – Secretary
Ms. Bishnu Bhungana Sigdel – Treasurer
Ms. Pramila Neupane – Member
Mr. Bishwo Nath Poudel – Member
Mr. Lalmani Poudyal – Member
Ms. Mina Gurung – Member
Ms. Sarita Bhusal Sharma – Member

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AutismCare Nepal Society Lumbini

AutismCare Nepal Society Lumbini (ACSL) is a social, non political and non-profitable organization which was established on 13th Falgun 2074 with a registration number of 2567 registered at CDO within premises of Sahed Smarak Boarding Schoool, Butwal-10.

Organizational Goal:
1) To identify Person with Autism, trained them, enhance their skills for livelihood and independent living.

Organizational Objectives
1) To identify Children with Autism and provide counselling to their parents.
2) To provide special education and trainings to person with Autism for their improvement.
3) To raise awareness on autism within the society.
4) To develop IEC materials on Autism and disseminate them.
5) To co-ordinate with local and provincial government for autism friendly environment.
6) To co-ordinate with national and International organizations for inclusion of Autism in Society.

Organizational Activities:
1) Autism Awareness Program
2) Conduction of Parent and Child Training Program
3) Referral of newly identify cases of Autism
4) Provide Counselling to parents of Children with Autism
Board Members:
Dr. Satish Rupakheti – President
Ms. Gita Shrestha – Vice President
Mr. Madhu Prasad Aryal – Secretary
Mr. Ramnath Upadhya – Treasurer
Ms. Radha Bhandari – Member
Ms. Yam Kala Tiwari – Member
Mr. D.d. Pandeya – Member
Mr. Thakur Neupane – Member

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AutismCare Nepal Society Surkhet

AutismCare Nepal Society Karnali Province (ACNSKP) is non-profit parent driven organization where we have group of passionate and dedicated parents from wider horizon. It was established formally on 2nd Falgun 2075. ACNSKP is only serving PCTP services for children with Autism but has been the platform for parents to share to feel belonging and the hope for their child’s future.

Organizational Goal:
1) Accessible, unbiased and accurate clinical diagnosis, assessment and therapies; for Children with Autism.
2) Adequate constitutional provisions, policies, laws to address the all human rights.
3) Availability of legal representation and assistance and their representatives for full protection of all legal
4) Equal access to and use of all facilities, services and activities in the community.
5) Sustainability of ACNSKP.
Organizational Objectives:
1) Empowering Person with Autism to protect and Promote their rights and utilise their skills to have a meaningful and effective participation in the society.
Organizational Services and Activities:
1) Autism Screening Camp
2) Parent and Child Training Program
3) Referral of newly identified cases.
Organizational Future Plan:
1) Establishment of Day Care Center
2) Focus on the academic equivalent given up to 10+2 level
3) Technical education on selected subject.
4) Provision of different therapies(Speech, Music and Occupational Therapy)
Board Members:
Mr. Sushil Thapa – Chairman
Mrs. Bindu Sharma – Vice Chairman
Mr. Mahesh Sharma – Member
Mrs. Sushila Thapa – Member
Mr. Dhan Prasad Aryal – Member
Mrs. Durga Aryal – Member
Mr. Gyan Mani Thapa – Member
Mr. Bishnu Kumar BC – Member
Contact Details:
Birendranagar -7, Itram, Surkhet 083-522012, Email:

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Autism Pathasala Nepal Gulmi

Autism Pathasala Nepal, a special school for autistic children was registered on 12 November 2017 in Gulmi District Administration office as a non profit and self hep organization to provide special life skill education to the autistic children of Nepal through therapies. It is an organization where autistic children learn life skills and grow to find a home. Our mission is to helping Children with Autism to develop as a socialized citizen to live a happier life.

Organization Goal:
1) Rehabilitate Person with Autism
2) Teach life skills through therapies
3) Construct necessary community houses for person with Autism
4) Assure easy access to health, social participation, assistance and support
Organizational Objectives:
1) Hire skilled human resource for life skill trainings
2) Run Parent Child Training Program
3) Increase social communication
4) Increase awareness on Autism
5) Increase knowledge and skills of people with autism in vocational activities.
Organizational Services and Activities:
1) Awareness programmes for the advocacy on Autism
2) Parent Child Training Programme (PCTP)
3) Organize Autism Screening Camp in local level and refer final diagnosis
4) Capacity building training programmes in accordance with Abilis project.
Organizational Future Plan:
1) Teach Children with Autism life skill through therapies
2) Rehabilitate Children with Autism
3) Help them learn life skills and grow to find a home
4) Helping Children with Autism to develop as a socialized citizen to live a happier life
Board Members:
Ms. Amrita Kandel – Chairperson
Ms. Laxmi Devi Panth – Member
Mr. Jhabindra Gyawali – Member
Mr. Ram Lal B.K. – Member
Mr. Maniram Kandel – Member
Mr. Krishna paudel – Member
Ms. Barsha Gyawali – Member
Ms. Shanta Gyawali – Member
Ms. Lilawoti Bhandari – Member
Contact Details:
Rurukshetra-1, peepaltari, Ridi, Gulmi
Ph. No.:079-400129

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AutismCare Nepal Society Jhapa

AutismCare Nepal Society Jhapa District Chapter was founded on 17th June 2017. It is the active autism organization that is run by Passionate parents that care for Person with Autism. Initially ACNS Jhapa Parent Network Group was formed by ACNS Kathmandu and eventually, later it became ACNS Jhapa District Chapter. It was formally established in 4th August 2017.

Organizational Goal:

Providing quality life and incorporating them into society by helping individuals with autism, their parents, and families.

Organizational Objectives:
1) To spread awareness throughout Jhapa district.
2) To advocate for the health, education and social security of people with autism.
3) To arrange a special school for children with autism.
4) Collecting data throughout Jhapa district.
5) Development of human resources to provide essential services in the operation of the Autism Education Center.
6) Coordinating with auxiliary organizations and concerned bodies.
Organizational Services and Activities:
1) Awareness and Advocacy on Autism targeting Local Government Chairperson and Vice Chairperson including
2) Started School for Children with Autism.
3) Organized Rally on Autism Awareness Day at Birtamode.
4) Connected the Autism Care Centre with Government School (Shree Mahendra Ratna Higher Secondary School).
Organizational Future Plan:
1) To empower, protect and promote the rights of people with autism so that they have full and effective
participation in society.
2) Approach with Government of Nepal Pradesh no. 1 with the proposal for establishment of Special School for Children with Autism.
Board Members:
Mr. Kumar Chudal – Chairperson
Mrs. Puja Shrestha – Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Umanath Dhakal – Secretary
Mr. Bhola Baral – Vice-Secretary
Mrs. Balika Bhandari – Treasure
Mr. Sabin Rijal – Member
Mr. Om Raj Rai – Member
Mr. Som Murma – Member
Mrs. Gyanu Ghimire – Member
Mrs. Arati Limbu – Member
Ms. Bina Das – Member
Contact Details:
Birtamode-5, Jhapa, Nepal (9844608988)

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Aavani Foundation

Aavani Foundation is non-profit company that works to create a safe and friendly environment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We have a special school that aims to teach children and empower them by giving them special, individual attention, along with Speech therapy and occupational therapy. Along with the school, we have an awareness campaign where we go to schools and conduct a teachers workshop where we teach teachers about ASD and mainstream education in ASD. It has been established on dated, April 18, 2018 (Baisakh 5, 2075) at Shanti Marga, BhatBhateni, and Kathmandu, Nepal. The founder of the organization is Ms. Pragya Shrestha Pradhan who is also mother of Child with Autism. In the Aavani Foundation provided Day Care service to Altogether 7 CWAs (1 girl and 6 boys) are enrolled in Day Care Center of Aavani Foundation.

Organizational Goal:
1) To create an understanding and supportive society where Person with Autism co-exist independently and are
acknowledged being as capable as any other.
Organizational Objectives:
1) To spread awareness on Autism in Nepal as much as possible.
2) Empowering Children with Autism enough so that they can perform daily activities without hindrances.
3) To control negative behaviour and to teach them to control such behaviours.
4) To teach children with Autism about social concepts and enhancing their communication skills.
5) To provide an early intervention as soon as possible.
Organizational Services/Activities:
1) Special School
2) Speech Therapy
3) Occupational Therapy
4) Awareness Program
Organizational Future Plan:
To start Parent Child Training Program
Board Members:
Ms. Pragya Shrestha Pradhan – Founder
Mr. Gyanendra Pd. Pradhan – Executive Member
Mr. Nirendra Pradhan – Executive Member
Ms. Prijma Pradhan – Administrative Head
Ms. Asmita Pradhan – Board Member

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