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Help people with autism live the life they choose by contributing your time and effort. Get the satisfaction of making a real difference in people’s lives while meeting new people and potentially learning a new skill. From volunteering at ACNS you can do to improve the lives of people affected by autism in Nepal.

Dear applicant,
Thank you for your interest in Autism Care Nepal Society.

Below you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions to do with volunteering at Autism Care Nepal Society.

What kind of organization is ACNS?

It is the only active autism organization in Nepal that is run by passionate parents that care for persons with autism. It is a non-governmental, nonprofit making, non-political NGO.

ACNS began in 2008 as a volunteer parent support group. Today the organization provides supports and services annually to nearly 500 children and adults with autism and their families, and is only one active organization working for the rights of individual with Autism.

ACNS supports and services include free counseling, assessment and diagnosis, family counseling, parent and child training, functional assessment, individual interventions, therapies, special school, vocational unit etc. ACNS also offers information and referral services, and works to educate the community about the people with autism.

How long can I volunteer?

  • Very short (e.g.  2 days to 1 week)
  • Short-term (250h, 1 to 3 months)
  • Long-term (e.g. 6 to 12 months) is possible

In which fields of work can I collect experiences?

In fields as special school, vocational unit, parent-child-training, therapies (occupational, music, speech), assessment and diagnosis, functional assessment and individual interventions.

All these fields are specialized for children with autism.

Which languages do I need? Is Nepali necessary?

English is required. Nepali is helpful but not necessary.

How are the working hours?

Monday till Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Is there a payment for internship/ volunteering?

No but you will be rich in experiences.

Is lodging provided?

No unfortunately we cannot provide any lodging.

Where can I live?

There are different possibilities as Airbnb, homestay, hostel and hotel…

Is a meal during the working hours provided?

Yes, all employees receive a daily lunch.

Are there any holidays?

ACNS has closed on the weekend (+Sundays) and some official holidays as for example the Dashain festival, Tihar festival, Shivaratri, Holi etc. as well as two weeks of winter holidays in January. You can refer to ACNS website to view the calendar of ACNS.

Will I get a letter of reference free of charge after I volunteer?

Yes you will be receiving letter of reference free of charge.

I am an international student/newcomer to Nepal. Do I need a work permit to volunteer?

No, for an internship or volunteering a tourist visa is sufficient.

For long term working visa may be preferable or you may required official Visa if you come from any Institution e.g. Australia Volunteer International.

Is a contact person/ supervisor provided for me?

Yes, we provide a contact person/ supervisor for all students and volunteers.

Which expectations are put to me?

ACNS expects that the student/ volunteer is motivated to take part in the work of ACNS.
As per your specialty or profession we do expect your professional knowledge and skills and applied manner.

Is foreknowledge in the field of autism necessary?

It will be helpful to inform yourself about the neuro developmental disorder autism.

Are there several locations of ACNS in Nepal and can I also volunteer there?

Yes, in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Jhapa , Surkhet and we are expanding in other districts of Nepal too.

  • If there is something you would like to ask that is not featured on the list then please do not hesitate to contact us at
  • For more details, you also can check our website with several information’s about ACNS and videos.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Autism Care Nepal Society

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