AutismCare Nepal Society

Aarambha Pre Primary School

Aarambha pre primary school was established as day care center on 2nd April, 2010, dedicating for the development of Student with Autism (SWA). As a special school it was registered in Kathmandu Metropolitan city on 25th Mangsir 2073. Children who have difficult to learn from mainstream school are enrolled in APPS. The Aarambha Pre-Primary School programs are carried out in accordance with the school’s Annual Plan. In APPS there are four classes i.e. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Students are placed according to their age, function, capability, and ability. SWA are more focused on pre-learning skills, motor skills, cognitive performance, self-help skills, social and emotional skills, language and communication skills, practical and functional skills.


Students will self-regulate the self-help skills and practice as well as enroll in social and community activities


  • To enhance attending skills (eye contact, sitting behavior, motor skills)

  • To enhance skills for Activities for Daily Living.

  • To enhance communication and social skills.

  • To enrich cognitive skills (matching, sorting, concept)

  • To generalize functional and practical skills in environment.

  • To promote pre-vocational skills.

Strategies Used in APPS

APPS is using the strategies like Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEEACH), Limiting Sensory Overload, one to one interaction, Social Story, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Audio Visual, Play Therapy. On the need based approach, students are enrolled individually in both Occupational and Music Therapies. There are a timely teachers meeting, parent and teachers meeting regarding the changes and progress of students as well as enhancing to upgrade better education and services.

About APPS

There are 4 classes Green, Blue, Yellow and Red including 24 students where 20 are boys and 4 are girls. Each class there are 6 or 7 students. There are five school days and two holidays. School hours begin at 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  There is transportation service for students. The performance of each student is supervised and guided by the Special Educators. Activities in the classroom are set according to the class schedule. Students are categorized on each class based on their age, function, capability and ability. Each classroom has Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Caretaker.

Classs Activities

APPS class activities are performed on individual and group according to need based approach. Teachers prepare each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Progress Report twice a year and Functional Assessment and update Student Profile once a year. The record of each student is documented in Therap Global software where the teachers and parents have accessed on this software it anytime. Big student’s activities are more focused on practical, prevocational, social skills, functional, physical, outdoor, daily living skill and physical based activities where as children and teenagers are more focused on attending skill like sitting behaviour, eating, toileting, waiting skill, motor skills, checking schedule, turn taking, daily living activities etc. They are regular table work, Sensory and Occupational Therapy, Yoga and Meditation and timely outdoor activities.

School and Outdoor Activities

APPS school and outdoor activities are carried out in accordance with the Annual Plan. The annual plan is concentrated on group interaction, social skill which includes school indoor and outdoor activities. School activities included festival celebrations, community education, dental and general health check up, potluck sharing, self servicing, TV time, art and sport events.

While the APPS outdoor activities are home and community visit, restaurant visit, hiking, picnic, swimming, movie time, shopping at the local markets, student exchange visit. The ultimate goal of school and outdoor activities is to enhance the inclusion for CWA.

Social Inclusion

Our students have difficulty in communicating and interacting with others, so our goal is to be accepted them as valuable members of society just like everyone else. Students with Autism are benefited from social inclusion through social learning, increased acceptance in society and improved social understanding all of which are facilitated by Aarambha Pre-Primary School.

We respect and value the uniqueness of all individuals within the autism spectrum; with appropriate interventions and therapy, each person can make some contribution to his/her family, community and to society. We create autism friendly environment. The knowledge they gain from school, we emphasis to simplify and generalize in the outer surrounding that is external environment and at home. Teachers, parents, therapists and Para professionals are the pillars for the development of our children.  We believe and trust to go hand in hand cooperation between parents and teachers. We have faith in quality service. Teachers are committed for proper care of each and every student.  We promote social justice for Student with Autism.


APPS primarily focus on attending, functional and practical skills by adjusting in the social environment according to the interest, strength, needs and preferences of Student with Autism. Gradually we introduce pre vocational skills to transit to the vocational program. The both school and outdoor activities achieved inclusion at education for Student with Autism.


The Children with autism (CWA) can have an opportunity to get autism intervention after  4pm and on sundays. It is new facilities to the parent and the CWA which has been recently introduced. The functional assessment of the CWA is required for autism intervention.


Sylvia Baral, the student of Aarambha Pre-Primary School graduated from Red Class. We wish her all the very best.


The students of Aarambha Pre-Primary school and children of trainees of Parent Child Training Program (PCTP) had participated in Create! Art For Autism program on 10th April, 2018. The program was conducted at the premises of AutismCare Nepal Society.


On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Month “April”, Arambha Pre-Primary School organised sports day program in Co-ordination with Engage Team on 5th April, 2018 at the premises of Campion Higher Secondary School at Gahana Pokhari, Kathmandu. Mr. Jeewan Ram Shrestha, President, National Olympic Committee of Nepal as a Chief Guest and Dr. Sunita Maleku Amatya, Chairperson, AutismCare Nepal Society were present at sports day.  There were participation of students of  Arambha Pre-Primary School, Friends of Parents of Children with Autism (FPCA) in different games like race, catch and throw ball, basketball drippling etc.


In collaboration with Engage Team, Basketball coach Mr. Bijay Lama conducted exercises and activities with students with autism of Aarambha Pre Primary School. The School is looking forward to engage students in sports activities in near future.




Ms. Binita Luintel (Volunteer, Karuna Foundation) provided a bag full of educational and playing materials to the Children with Autism at Aarambha Pre-Primary School, ACNS on behalf of Karuna Foundation and UNICEF on 20th August 2015. They also provided educational support of NRs. 5,075 to Ms. Dixita Sharma, daughter of Late. Mukti Pandit and Mrs. Pramila Neupane.


Sanjeev Shrestha and Swachanda Dulal students of AutismCare Nepal Society participated in the sports program organized by Nepal Para Olympic Committee held on 16th July 2015 Master Shrestha won 1st position in athletics and Master Dulal won 2nd position in Boccia competition.