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Buy a Brick Program

Buy a Brick Program
Autism Care Center Nepal
A Home/ Hostel, School and Vocational Training Center

Autism Care Nepal Society had launched its major fundraising initiative to meet the costs building a National Center for Autism called Autism Care Society Nepal since 2nd April 2011. This National Center is sorely needed to allow ACNS to expand the scope of providing dedicated services in rehabilitation, research and training.

ACNS had started its operations from a small, inadequate, rented building in Gairidhara. ACNS’s success in identifying more children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and creating wider awareness amongst families and professionals meant that ACNS had an increasing need and demand for its services and support. This placed an overwhelming strain on ACNS’s facilities. With the National Centre, we will be able to expand the scope and breadth of services provided.

We ask you to share our vision by sponsoring bricks at Rs. 100 a piece. Buy one…buy one hundred– the choice is yours. Together, brick-by-brick, we can make it happen.

All contributions qualify income tax exemption (Income-tax exempt organization under the Income Tax Act 2058 Clause 2 (DHA) recognized by the Internal Revenue Department of Nepal)

ACNS receives minimal state support and therefore relies on regular donations from its supporters and well-wishers for our day-to-day programme and activity costs. The names of all the donors will be listed in the website.