AutismCare Nepal Society

Our Vision / Mission / Goals / Values


Vision: “A society where PWA enjoy independent and dignified life”.

Mission: “Empowering people with Autism to protect and, promote their rights and utilise their skills to have a meaningful and effective participation in the society”.

Goals: Achieving the following condition shall be the goals of ACNS
A condition, where there is;

  • Easy access of PWAs to health, appropriate education, employment/livelihood, empowerment, social participation, use of all facilities, assistance and support, reasonable accommodation, including all services, facilities and opportunities connected to their special needs as their rights.
  • Accessible, unbiased and accurate clinical diagnosis, assessment and therapies; for children with Autism
  • Adequate constitutional provisions, policies, laws to address the all human rights and needs of PWA.
  • Availability of legal representation and assistance to PWA and their representatives for full protection of all legal rights.
  • Equal access to and use of all facilities, services and activities in the community.
  • Sustainability of ACNS.


  • We respect and value the uniqueness of all individuals within the autism spectrum; with appropriate interventions, each person can make some contribution to his/her family, community and to society.
    We demonstrate respect by advancing an individualized, person-centered approach that is based upon the person’s distinctive strengths, abilities, interests, and choices; the person with autism is the priority for us. We cherish, value and appreciate the untiring efforts our staff, carers, parents to support and better the lives and well-being of all PWA.
  • We value our staff, their selection, training, and development as they are the keys to our success.
    We support individuals within the autism spectrum, their families, carers and their friends; we acknowledge that parents and other primary caregivers know the individual best. We promote optimism and can-do attitude amongst families with autism. ACNS is our temple and united we worship here for the good of our beloved family members.
  • We promote better public awareness and understanding of the autism spectrum and advocate for public policy and funding that expands research as well as medical, therapeutic, educational, vocational, recreational, social, and residential options. We envision support to PWA beyond the lives of their parents and carers.
    We encourage and promote cooperative relationships among families with autism, schools, organizations, and professionals involved in the lives of people within the autism spectrum. We are humble and appreciate our supporters, we pray for their good health and happiness too.
  • We embrace diversity, and value relationships founded on honesty, integrity, true dedication and mutual respect.
  • Partner with our volunteers and stakeholders, who have a voice in our journey.