AutismCare Nepal Society

Teachers Training

Training of Trainers (TOT) Parent and Child Training Program (PCTP) is advanced version of Parent and
Child Training Program to train the parents to become Trainer. This training program is the first human resource development program of AutismCare Nepal Society in order to replicate the Parent and Child Training Program in different districts of Nepal.

ACNS started the 1st Batch of TOT PCTP on 20th Kartik 2074. Since then, we have conducted 5 batches of training program so far till date. 16 parents has been graduted from TOT training program representing from Parents Network Groups of Kaski, Jhapa, Rupandehi, Surkhet, Gulmi, Chitwan and Kathmandu. After graduting from this training program PCTP has been started in all these districts which is one the most important milestone of dissemination of ACNS services in different parts of Nepal.



1)Every child with autism can improve and can be helped to lead a dignified and meaningful life with consistent and appropriate intervention.
2) A child is better understood by his/her parents only when the parents know how to use appropriate
teaching strategies with their children, they can be the ideal people to help the children learn and grow in different environment.
3) When the parents know appropriate methods to teach their children they are empowered to take an active role in shaping their child’s and family’s future.
4) When parents are taught strategies of relating to and educating their children, the parent child interaction becomes more meaningful, productive and enjoyable for both parent and the child.


1. To help new parents by TOT trained parents understand Autism, understand their child, the unique ways in which their child thinks and learn.
2. To make the trained parents more skillful and teaching essential skills to become PCTP trainer.
3. To decentralize the PCTP to various parts of Nepal