AutismCare Nepal Society

Beautiful Minds

ACNS developed Android Application named “Beautiful Minds” for children with autism through the support of UNICEF and formed new parent group in Nuwakot- one of the most earthquake-affected districts; it’s the first parents group out of Kathmandu valley.

Project Duration: 22nd May 2015-21st May 2016

Android Application named “Beautiful Minds” was successfully development within the project frame although application development process turns out to be time consuming. This application development project has been very significant for ACNS as it very helpful for the development of communication skills of children with Autism and it will also enable the parents to understand their children including their preferences and interest. Android Application content two sections:

  1. Child Section
  2. Parent Section

 Child section consists:

  1. Stories: Child friendly stories are incorporated in the application using music rather than text.
  2. Music Player: Playing music or section will be in communication with the parents whereas children do not get access to the parent section.
  3. Camera: When child takes a photo through this application it will be automatically save to the gallery.
  4. Drawing Board: Child can freely draw what he/she wants and choose the color of choice in the drawing. When child finishes and goes out of this section the drawing will be automatically saved to the gallery.
  5. Color Fillers: In this section children can fill out some blank templates to fill on color of his/her choices. It will be also saved automatically when closing.
  6. Color Selection: There are options for each time child uses application to choose the color of choice.

In the parent selection following task are completed:

  1. Password protection: This feature will enable parents to protect their section and children will not be able to access the parents’ section.
  2. Evaluation graph: It is one of the most prominent features of the application, which will monitor the progress of the child and can be only accessed by the parent. It will represent the bar diagram which will be based on the amount of time spent on each section by the children. From this section parent can understand the flavor and choice of the children for the different features in the child section.
  3. Authentication login and signup: This feature is for the parent to be filled up at the beginning of the application and after they register once than the same information will be used for the login process. This section will be invisible for the children. During the registration the application requires the information like name of parent and child, user name, password, photo parent and child and so on.
  4. User setting and parental control: This section helps parent to control and monitor activities perform by their child as well as assign task to the children.

Beautiful Minds; android application was launch through a program in presence of representatives from government, UNICEF, DPOs, parents and reporters from different media. Finally, it was uploaded in google play store for free so that anyone can download and use this application in tablets with android OS through following link:

New parents group was formed in one of the most earthquake-affected district; Nuwakot as a pilot project. Team of professionals conducted different activities conducted with children and parents of children with autism including different stakeholders. In the first phase, visit to the offices of government stakeholders, household visit to families of children with developmental disability. Similarly, orientation and interaction meeting was organized with the different stakeholders. Professionals from ACNS made screen of 20 children through screening camp; 9 children out of 24 children were get provisional diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Interaction meeting with parents, immediate carers and special teachers were conducted to form parents network group; during the meeting special educator made a presentation on Autism. Similarly need assessment were made during the program with all the participants to determine the real need and finally informal executive committees of 5 parents were formed to work in district for the people with Autism.

This has been milestone for ACNS; after formation of parents network group in Nuwakot. ACNS had form new parent network group in Kaski district and Dhading district and planned reach more families’ different districts of Nepal. ACNS had provided training to the new parents group through its other projects.