AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS):

AutismCare Nepal Society (ACNS) was founded on 2nd April 2008 on the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day. It is the only active autism organization in Nepal that is run by passionate parents that care for persons with autism. It is a non-governmental, nonprofit making, non-political NGO registered in District Administration Office (Regd. No. 1067/2065) and affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC No: 25314).

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Meaningful participation and self-determination in all aspects of life for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

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World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) 2018

World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) On December 18, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution, which declares April 2 as WAAD. This UN resolution is one of only three official health-specific United Nations Days that bring the world’s attention to autism, a pervasive disorder that affects tens of millions. The WAAD resolution encourages all […]

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Developmental Growth Chart

Developmental Growth Chart is develop to increase understanding among parents and health care professionals about developmental milestones. Most of charts focuses on the physical growth but this chart focuses on growth and development of a child from birth unto 5yrs of age.

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Beautiful Minds – Android (Tablet) Application

Beautiful Minds is a FREE child parent interactive app available for android tablets. The application is basically targeted for the Autistic children in order to bridge the communication gap that exists between parent and such children. Children can read stories, listen to music and rhymes, draw and even capture their selfie. The parent can always […]

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Parents & Child Training Program

A short-term training to parents, specially mothers and children with autism; empowering them with knowledge of autism and also skill of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children), VBA (Verbal Behavior Analysis), Floor-time and Sensory Integration Therapy methods to apply on their own child, helping them to be […]

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Education and Social Security Project

Education and Social Security Project  was started in partnership between Swedish Autism & Asperger Association/MyRight (SHIA) and AutismCare Nepal Society. It was entitled “Increased access of Persons with Autism (PWAs) in Education and Social Security in Nepal” and started from 2013 . Partnership was continued for year 2014 with immediate objectives: ACNS equipped with relevant professionals […]

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Autism Awareness and Inclusion Project

DPOD- Autism Denmark (AD) Project Autism Awareness for Inclusion and Promotion of Rights of Person with Autism in Five Development Regions of Nepal  Autism Care Nepal Society has started the new project after the successful accomplishment of the project “Mini-Project on Autism Awareness in Nepal in partnership between Autism Denmark and AutismCare Nepal Society” which […]

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  Help people with autism live the life they choose by contributing your time and effort. Get the satisfaction of making a real difference in people’s lives while meeting new people and potentially learning a new skill. From volunteering at ACNS you can do to improve the lives of people affected by autism in Nepal. […]

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Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS) is only parent run active non-profit organization in Nepal. We welcome and encourage donations and fundraising activities from those who wish to support the rights of people with autism in Nepal. There are many ways you can help us to make a difference: Support us in our annual Autism Awareness program including […]

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